"I've received my package and am overwhelmingly pleased. I have never had a fragrance that truly defines me - until now. You have managed to create a scent that is truly ME. When I wear my fragrance, I feel utterly and completely beautiful, while also feeling within my own element. I didn't realize how much confidence a fragrance could give a person until I wore my new scent in public. I felt the confidence and strength of character I haven't felt in years, while also feeling simultaneously feminine.
Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a gorgeous fragrance for me. I wish I knew how to explain to you how much this gift means to me. I will cherish every drop.
All the best,"
Michelle from NV


"I've had acne-prone skin for many years and I have finally found my go-to skin lady. I've been picky, and after moving through several cities and trying many people, I am SO thrilled to have found someone who I trust and am comfortable with.

Before finding Natalie my facials felt rushed and I felt as if my skin was being treated like everyone else's. I don't feel like there is a countdown with Natalie -- she takes as long as it takes to treat my skin and explains the reason behind each product she chooses for my skin.

I walked away feeling like my skin got the best work-out, but I felt relaxed. You can't beat that. My sister, who also has acne-prone skin, saw my results from Natalie's treatments and left her current go-to facialist (who she was loyal to for over a year)."

Mary from LA


“Natalie is a TOTAL WELLNESS WARRIOR and brings radiance, healing energy, enthusiasm, creativity, as well as tremendous expertise and professionalism to EVERYTHING she does! Her beauty alone inspires others to be better! Plus, Natalie's offbeat sense of humor combined with her caring heart draws everyone to her like a magnet. She has the ability to laser beam focus in on someone's natural beauty and carve away any self-defeating patterns, low self-esteem and poor health choices in order to reveal the best version on themselves. Whether it is with training their bodies, teaching proper diet, spiritual empowerment, healing oils or skincare-- Natalie enriches everyone's lives that she comes in contact with. From head-to-toe, inside-and-out, she helps others focus on their strengths in order to gain the energy, awareness and confidence they need to go out into the world and SHINE THEIR BRIGHTEST! Natalie is making the world a better place by utilizing all her gifts with entrepreneurial business skills, artistic creativity and spirituality!”

–Tiffany Hendra, TV host/beauty and style expert/life stylist


"My name is Steve and I wear Corpus Dei. I live a life of adventure, seeking those truly beautiful moments fueled by my passions. I’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail. I hooked a 384 lb. Blue Marlin off St. Johns. I shook the President’s hand. I have loved, and I have been graced by knowing love. My life has many flavors. Corpus Dei XII is the aromatic embodiment of my life. I had to find out more. As a child my father taught me the value of wearing cologne, it is like a nice little surprise for to those you allow into your personal space, but mostly it is for you: that little touch of confidence. At first I was apprehensive about wearing something called a “unisex fragrance,” I did not want to smell like a woman. My fears were short lived. Truth be told, this scent smells different on everyone, it reacts with your body to make something special and unique on you, something almost spiritual.

Corpus Dei: Body of God.

I am Steve and I wear Corpus Dei."

–Steve Williams, Ultra Marathon Cycling Champion and owner/operator Ronin Sherpa