At a young age, Natalie found herself wanting to do something different than the others around her. She felt called to a “higher purpose”, and her heart led her to travel. She dedicated 6 years of her life traveling around the globe doing mission work and living among the indigenous peoples of those countries. Touring these destitute lands provided eye-opening knowledge that cannot be learned from books.

While most kids were busy riding bicycles, Nat enjoyed long bike runs on the back of her daddy’s Harley. When she realized gasoline pulsed through her veins, she learned as much as she could about the American muscle car. She had to prove that she could change a flat, change the oil and bleed the brakes before her old man would let her drive to school. Oddly enough, she was already racing the quarter mile with the boys after church on Sunday night. Nat has had a 1972 Cutlass Supreme, which she called “Delilah” and her latest project is restoring her dad’s coveted classic Chevy full size Blazer.

Today, Nat balances that strong “tom-boy” streak with a love of fragrance, beauty, and wellness alchemized according to her own personal style and talents. As a CA and TX state board licensed esthetician and as the creator and owner of her own perfume line Natalie gets to incorporate her passion and belief in aromatherapy into her facial treatments. Natalie has also dedicated the last 9 years working with the human body. Natalie believes that nutrition is our first line of defense against illness, the loss of happiness, and deterioration. Nutrition is our super-power to living a continually invigorated life. Natalie understands and appreciates the gift in total wellness. MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.

It is rather difficult to label Natalie in one category and quite impossible to put her in a box. She has been called a “Renaissance Woman” as she finds all the facets of life inviting. Natalie makes it her mission to study life’s nuances and unravel its esthetic. She experiences the world and its many cultures as a huge playground yet takes great pride in where she is from. Natalie feels strongest when she’s challenging her own speed, striving to be the best version of herself and reaching toward her full potential, because at the end of the day, you just “Don’t mess with Texas”.


Natalie Bolton