“There is but one temple in this Universe: the body. We speak to God whenever we lay our hands upon it.”
-Thomas Carlyle

Natalie is entranced by the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Romanced by the human aesthetic and the invisible force our bodies house she created Corpus Dei Perfumes.

She created Corpus Dei after multiple inquiries on her “self-made” perfume. “The running theme of people asking me about my scent was that it made them smile, and they wanted to know more about it. How could I not share this with people? If this is a way I can promote a sense of well being, then I must do it. This is where my little love child, Corpus Dei, came from. What started out so personal and private is now my labor of love…truly, my labor for love.”
-Natalie Bolton

Corpus Dei is a fragrance oil and perfume that saturates the body with healing essential oils. These body oils are also comprised of complimenting molecules and pheromones that make the human body a heavenly experience. Each bottle is personally handcrafted, blended and infused with love in Los Angeles.

“Corpus Dei - to spread and nurture love and the feeling of well being through the senses - ushering others to remember that we are all the embodiment of God.”
-Corpus Dei mission statement


Natalie Bolton